Meetings ordinarily take place on Fridays, 11–1, in the Philosophy Dept. Seminar Room, SSH 2275.


Upcoming meetings:

  • [May 15, 2015]
    • Tyrus Fisher, “Counterlegal Dependence and Causation’s Arrows: How to Interpret Backtracking and Counterlegal Counterfactuals”
  • [May 22, 2015]
    • Joint LLEMa/DaGERS Meeting: Jacob Velasquez, “An Explanation for Why Good Arguments Aren’t Both Good and Arguments, and Its Puzzles”
  • [June 5, 2015]
    • Reading: “On a Neglected Epistemic Virtue” by Mark Johnston.  Presentation: I-Sen Chen

Past Meetings:

Spring 2015

  • [April 10, 2015]
    • Aldo Antonelli, “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Universals”
  • [April 17, 2015]
    • Reading: Crispin Wright, “Abstraction and Epistemic Entitlement: On the Epistemological Status of Hume’s Principle”
  • [April 24, 2015]
    • Joint LLEMa/DaGERS Meeting: Tina Rulli, “IIA, Rationality, and the Individuation of Options” (Abstract)

Winter 2015

Fall 2014

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